Tuesday, May 20, 2008

San Antonio Conference - FEAST '08

What a whirlwind! After Mother's Day and coming home from Waco for Robby's Grandmother's funeral, Rylen and I packed up and headed out to Austin for a week. I was going to help my mom at the FEAST Conference in San Antonio. So, we went a couple days early to visit with the family and then my mom and I headed to San Antonio with Rylen. The Conference went well and Rylen adjusted beautifully to all the crazy sleeping arrangements and schedules. He enjoyed watching Grand-mommy work in the evening and as always loved his bathtime.
On returning to Austin, we tried to get some more pictures of the cousins together. They turned out pretty well!
Rylen had a great time loving on Grand-mommy, watching Grand-papa and Uncle Christopher play guitar hero, chasing Uncle Christopher around the family room, and watch Aunt Nancy take care of Brooklynn.
As always, there is a link to the left of this past weekend with more pictures.

After a week, Rylen and I were definitely ready to be home and see Robby/Daddy. We missed him A LOT! Now that we are home, I think we will hold off traveling again for a while.


Christopher said...

Rockband...not Guitar Hero! How could you possibly get them confused? Ha ha. Just kidding. Enjoyed the weekend with you both. Hope to see you all either in July or August.

RK&R said...

Is there a difference? I am soooo out of the loop. Sorry all you Rockband fans out there! :) I did try it, and it is fun!