Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Accomplishment

Since Rylen started eating solids, I have given him water through a straw by letting the water drip in his mouth. Today, though I thought I would let him try the correct way. Like most of us straw drinkers, Rylen chewed on the straw at first. But after I tried to coax him to suck on the straw he wrapped his lips around it like a bottle and sucked. The water came out pretty fast and he took a big gulp and then the rest dribbled down his chin. It surprised him a bit, but after a second passed, he reached to chew on the straw and then drink from it again. I'm sure with practice, he will master this skill.


Anonymous said...

Wow..Rylen is growing up fast!!!!!!

ErinKH said...

That is how Livi started too. I know he will be a pro soon!