Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Robby's first official Father's Day. We acknowledged it a little bit last year, but Rylen wasn't here yet, so we didn't make a big deal out of it. This year, Rylen and I gave daddy a card with a poem inside and a picture of the two of them. We also gave Daddy a new chain to go with his Jesus Fish necklace. He's had it for 21 years.

When evening came, we ordered some Father's Day pizza. This has always been one of Robby's favorite dishes...Pizza...but with our diet change, pizza has had to change as well. We don't get it as often anymore and it is completely vege on whole wheat crust and no cheese. It is really pretty good for those who are sceptical.

I'm not sure if Robby really knew what kind of Father he would be before Rylen was born. I'm sure there was some fear in the thought as well as joy. Time will continue to tell, but if we go by the kind of father he has been so far, he will definitely love his children with all his heart, be there during the good, the bad, the clean, the messy, the dry, the wet or the poopy... throughout it all, and above all else, he will bring them up to know our Lord and Savior.

Happy Father's Day Robby, we both love you very much!

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DL said...

I agree!! Robby is a great daddy and I love watching him with Rylen! They are so cute together.