Monday, June 30, 2008

Day at the Zoo

Today the family went to the Zoo. It was the first time that Rylen and Granny had ever been to the zoo! Granny was excited to see the giraffes. Rylen was just his usual happy self. We were visiting the Indianapolis Zoo, which was the first zoo to have biomes. This means that they animals live in natural habitats instead of cages. Also, animals that would coexist, live in the same areas but separates by moats or other types of boundries that keeps them from getting to each other. It is really a pretty cool zoo to visit. We went a little late in the day, so we only had a few hours to be there. Our main events were the giraffes and the dolphin show. Everything else was just a plus. We got in and started out with the monkeys.
Rylen wasn't sure what he thought about them. Then we headed on to see the lions, but they were sleeping. We quickly entered the prairie lands and was greeted immediately by the giraffes. Granny was very happy to finally see her favorite animal in "person" She even got to feed one of them! Rylen slept through all of the prairie lands area.

Before we hit the dolphin show, we had to introduce Granny to dippin' dots. Yes, it is true, she has never had these. The texture was quite a surprise but I think in the end she liked it. The bowl WAS empty! We took a quick glimpse at the walrus exhibit which gave quite a surprise to Granny and then it was off to the Dolphin Show.

The show was pretty good, according to the family. When it started, the kids screaming on the front rows scared Rylen and he and I had to exit. The music was pretty loud and it was really not a place for him to be. I tried to look through the door to catch a glimpse, but the noise still bothered him and his face just made the most awful scrunch with huge tears. I gave up trying to see and just kept him occupied until everyone was done. I thought he would be excited about the water splashing, but it was just too much for him. No biggie. He will enjoy it when he gets older.

Then we headed out. The whole day was a lot of fun with new experiences. Not rushed and still plenty to see another time.

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