Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Rylen and I left for Indiana today. Since Robby is going to Hungary this year, we decided to plan some time to visit the grandparents. This was the first time that Rylen and I flew together without the Daddy. It was definitely an interesting experience. I didn't take a stroller, so I had to wear Rylen in the sling. It actually worked out pretty well aside from the inconveniences at security. That is just hard to do with an infant. But overall I think it went well. Daddy watched us go through security to make sure we didn't have any issues. Then we waved good-bye and we were off to our gate. When we got there it was pretty much time to board and so we got on the plane and strapped ourselves in. We were on an expressjet with continental, so it was a tiny plane with one seat on one side and two on the other. The plane was pretty empty and Rylen and I got a two seater for the price of one! He was pretty hungary before we took off so I fed him his bottle thinking that we would take off with him drinking it, but we sat waiting for quite a long time. Once we took off, Rylen was very content to just sit in my lap with his blanket and feel the sensation of take-off. While in the air, Rylen loved to look out the window and look at his books.

Within a half-hour we drifted off to sleep on my lap and slept most of the way. When he woke up, we only had 30 minutes before landing. As we descended into Indy the pilot was so nice to make it quite a bumpy landing and I was doing my best to clap Rylen's hands and make faces so he didn't see my sweaty palms and to feel comfortable with the sensations.
On landing, Rylen smiled and when I said "YEAH!", he clapped his hands. Too cute.

Granny Helen and Grandmommy greeted us at the airport and we made a trip to Quiznos for lunch and then headed home. Leeann and her three kids were going to be at the house within a couple of hours. When they arrived they all had a good time playing together and with Granny Helen.

Rylen had not taken very many naps today so he was beyond crashing when bath and bedtime arrived. He took a bath in the laundry tub and then took a little bit of time to fall asleep. Hopefully tomorrow his schedule will get better.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan says "hi Rylen." He loves anything transportation related! I love the pics. Have fun in Indy!

Grandmommy said...

I'm so glad that you are here. I just want you to know that i have canceled your return ticket. Sorry Robby, I guess you'll have to come and get them. Just don't expect your ticket to work on the way back either.