Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Extras

Ok, this is my last blog for the day. Promise. I just wanted to post a couple of pictures that have piled up that I meant to blog and then the day went away...

Elton John Impersonation - Two days ago, Rylen and I went to Party Plus to get some party supplies for his upcoming birthday. We were thinking baseball, but Rylen wasn't so sure about my fashion ideas.

Belly Button Discovery - This one doesn't have a picture, but it was quite hilarious. Rylen and I have made our lunch time relaxation before I go back to work and he takes a nap. Earlier this week I decided that I would get some Vitamin D for my poor ghost of a body while Rylen played on the blanket in the shade. As I was letting the sun rays warm me, I felt a small hand touch my arm. I looked up and there was my adorable son coming to pay me a visit. He took a look at what I was doing and found that I had a hole on my stomach. He put a finger there and I couldn't help but laugh. This intrigued him and he checked out my belly button again. Again I laughed. He looked at me with these puzzled eyebrows and then pushed at my belly button again looking at me to see if i would laugh again. I did. He smiled. We played this game a few more times and then with a sigh he crawled back to his toys. Too cute.

First Time Swinging - When we were in San Antonio, i took Rylen to the park by my brother's house and put him in a swing for the first time. I think he had a pretty good time! What do you think?

Time with Daddy - Last but not least... this past week Rylen and I visited Daddy a lot at his office because the printer we were using was nearby. So, Rylen got to see what Daddy does all day long. I'm not sure who looks more thrilled to be looking at a computer! HA!

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the character said...

He is doing sooo much!!! They grow up sooo fast =(!!! That is so great that he is walking!!! Get ready for more bumps and bruises. Have a good weekend!