Saturday, July 12, 2008

12 Month Appointment

Well, the official stats are in for Rylen at 12 months. He had his doctor's appointment yesterday and they weighed him at 19lbs and measured his height at 28.75 inches. a good inch plus a quarter over what we had measured. So, he either grew a bunch or we didn't measure very well. Anyway, his head circumference is still in the 10% at 44cm. His weight is in the 15% and his height jumped to the 20%. So, he is still following his birth curves except for his height that jumped up this month. He had his finger pricked and that made him very upset and mad that she was squeezing on his finger. So mad, in fact, that his morning oatmeal ended up on my shirt. Oh well. We also had one finishing vaccine which caused us some issues lasts night. I had a boy with a fever squirming and chattering until 2:00am. Needless to say on party day I am TIRED! Well, we are fever free this morning and just running around like his old self, so the party is still ON! YAH! I was wondering how easy it was going to be to cancel the day of! AHHH! Well, happy birthday Rylen! Here was go AGAIN!

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