Sunday, July 27, 2008

Truly Blessed

I know that this blog seems to mainly focus on our son, Rylen. I think that is what typically happens in a family when children arrive. He is such a joy and blessing to our lives that it is hard not to engulf yourself in his every move and accomplishment. I do try to talk about things that happen as a family or even just accomplishments of my husband or myself. But I know that this doesn't happen near enough. So, this entry is going to focus on another God-given gift in my life.

My husband, Robby, is wonderful. Each day that we are married, I truly DO love him more. I see how he interacts with Rylen and how he takes care of him on the weekends so that I can have just a few more minutes of sleep. He has fully supported me through my diet change and supported me financially for the nutritional supplements that I need. Something that, as a family, we could decide was not in our "budget". He takes on home projects to seemingly please me, though I know they are improvements that he is enjoying as well. He can make me laugh.... and make me crazy. We have continued to grow closer with all of the challenges that we have faced and our vision of our future has meshed more and more as the years have been added. It seems so cliché or unrealistic to believe that the feeling that was so intense on your wedding day could grow and continue to grow, but it has. Through God's guidance and with HIM as our foundation, I have truly found the man of my dreams. I'm not sure if God has one specific person for us, but if he does, I'm sure that Robby is mine.

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