Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Projects

Rylen was feeling a lot better this weekend, so we decided to try to get some projects completed that we had been putting off for a while. It wasn't that we didn't want to do them, we just haven't been in town. First, we bought a new set of cordless phones. They are so nice and we we were excited to try them out. Our old ones died. The new set sounded great over the weekend, but come Monday morning there was horrible static, so I have a call in to the phone company to see why we keep getting this radio station on our phones. There is always something.

Our other project was the kitchen. We are slowly transforming our downstairs. We decided to add hardware to our cabinets to give them a little extra something. Hopefully, it will set our house apart from all of the others in the neighborhood come selling time.
Rylen wasn't too fond of the drilling, so i had to take him outside while daddy finished making the holes. We are quite pleased with the turnout. We also switched the door to the fridge. It was opening the wrong way for the flow of the kitchen and it was driving me INSANE! Now I have to get used to opening it from the other side. I have already about put my shoulder out trying to grab and open the fridge from where the handle used to be.

So, another weekend of projects are finally finished. Time to update the list and look for the next open weekend.

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ErinKH said...

looks great, do you guys hire out? ; )