Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A day for Good-bye

Have you ever sold something and then realized how attached you truly were to it? Well, that happened to me just yesterday. Robby and I are on the Financial Peace Rampage. We are paying off all of our debts, saving, and investing through the Dave Ramsey Program. We are very close to accomplishing this feat and will be happy the day that we can say that we have absolutely no debt aside from our house and no credit cards. In this process, we have made some adjustments to the vehicles that we own. Neither one of us had car payments when we got married, but my vehicle isn't very practical with a baby in the house. So, after being more or less forced to switch out Robby's old Explorer to the one we have now (due to a collision), we pursued selling my car to get a more practical car for the family.

Let me tell you a little bit about my car. The first car I ever owned was a Ford Escort Wagon that worked wonders while I was in college and I bought it from my uncle for a meer 6K. Once graduating and moving here to Texas my brother helped me find this beautiful '94 BMW 325i Convertible. I wasn't in the market for a BMW at the time, but this vehicle was older and in great condition. It only had 68K miles on it and I had always wanted a convertible. So, with my new career in hand, I sold my escort for 2K and I bought the Beemer. So, in essence this was my first true buy. Repairs were a hit to the wallet, but I wasn't making any car payments, so i had to keep it in perspective. Well, yesterday we sold that beauty. I am honestly glad that i wasn't there to watch the guy drive away.

We have now traded the BMW for a '98 Ford Taurus with 41K miles. Quite a difference, but so much more practical for us. We can actually put Rylen in the new car, whereas we couldn't in the BMW. So, to my beautiful BMW, you were a great car and i will forever remember the wind blowing through my hair as I drove you on a cool day in Houston with the top down. I'm glad, though, that this "Financial Peace" is allowing us to realize how unattached we need to be to such things. We were able to sell my car, buy a new one, and still have money left to put towards paying off more debt. PLUS, our insurance will go down as well. It is all about making the right decisions for your life at that time. One day maybe we will get another BMW. Robby says we'll buy a brand new one when we are kazillionaires. That would be the only time we would buy a NEW car. Well, here's to FINANCIAL PEACE! We're almost there.


DL said...

Yeaaa for Tauruses....We traded our cute little car for a Taurus about 3 months ago. I was very sad, more sunroof, no more heated seats...hello car that 9000000 other people in Houston drive and that resembles something between a cop car and a rental vehicle. was a good decision in the long run as it is saving us money, it's one of the safest vehicles, has a roomy backseat and trunk, and is actually growing on me. I hope yours does the same!!

Darrin Dickey said...

As a former Dave Ramsey employee, I say GOOD FOR YOU!!!! :-)