Thursday, July 31, 2008

#7, It does exist

Ever since my son was born, I have realized what an obsessive "googler" I am. I google everything. When in doubt, GOOGLE. I do try to keep it in perspective, because sometimes knowing too much can be a bad thing. I must admit that this obsessive googling has done a lot of good with my arthritis. I have made myself very knowledgeable about the disease and about nutrition and helpful food options over medication. It has also helped with different aspects of my son's life from reflux, to just basic knowledge about a baby. But today's topic of "#7" is one of those times that obsessive googling can make you a little... well... cuckoo!

#7 refers to my son's seventh tooth. Yes, he is finally getting another tooth. It has been 3 months since we have had one arrive. Rylen had his 2 bottom central incisors at 8 months, his top central incisors at 9 months along with his right, top side incisor, and finally his left, top side incisor came in at 10 months. Then it all stopped. I was waiting for those bottom side incisors to come in expecting them at any time. We waited and waited and waited. Nothing. At his 1 year appointment the ped started feeling for molars and thought he might feel something. Molars before the incisors? How could that be? Well, my googling had caused me to stumble upon an incident where a child was not born with all of his baby teeth. Namely, the side incisors! This does happen, but i'm not sure what the percentage is and what teeth are involved. Well, there went my CRAZY mind..."My son doesn't have his bottom side incisors! He must have been born without them!" Now, don't laugh. All you hormonal moms out there know that there is something you may have gotten the same crazy attitude about. Well, to my relief, yesterday, a bottom side incisor poked its tiny, pointy head through. Sigh. He does have them. Now, the other one hasn't come through yet, so I'll keep you posted. It may be possible that he wasn't born with that one! ...Don't say it, I know.

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