Saturday, August 2, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Well, we didn't buy any peanuts and crackerjacks, Rylen is too young and he really can't chew them, but we DID take him out to a Ballgame. Courtesy of Brooks Morin, the tickets were a birthday present. This was Rylen's first game and I was very nervous how he would do with the loud noises. Lately, he has become very sensitive to abrupt and high pitched noises. Debbie McAngus was so nice to give us some wax ear plugs for him, and like a great mommy, I left it at home! Sigh, so much to remember. So, when I realized that I had forgotten them, I got really nervous.

We used an umbrella stroller to get to and from the stadium and then checked at at the "fan accomodation" counter. That stroller made traveling a lot easier and less bulky. Once in our seats, Rylen did GREAT! He really enjoyed the game. Clapping when the fans clapped and raising his hands high. It was so cute to watch. He even humored us by leaving on his astros cap. Of course it had to be backwards so that he didn't notice it was there. It wasn't until our team hit a homerun that the tears started flowing. A homerun really causes lots of noise and excitement in that stadium and the whistling had him scared. On the second homerun, Robby got his ears closed before he had a chance to hear it, but i wasn't so good at it on the third one. The astros were really having a good game! We decided half-way through to head outside and take pictures. It was also getting late for him to still be up. At around 9:30 we started to head home and he immediately fell asleep in the car. On our way home the astros hit a Grand Slam! One day, Rylen will enjoy the loud noises and excitement. Last night, he got a taste of American Baseball. I have a feeling he will be a big fan! Click HERE for more pictures.

Thanks again to the Morins for Rylen's first night of baseball!

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