Sunday, August 3, 2008

13th Month

Rylen has turned 1.083 today, or 13 months and is 18.8lbs. He survived his parties with flying colors. He has definitely mastered walking and dodges toys or other items on the ground. His walk has become a sort of trot as he is trying to run. He has also figured out how to get to a toy that is on the other side of the table.... going around. Either he knew this before and the toy was not worth the extra mileage, or this is something his walking has allowed him to figure out. His babbling is non-stop at home. In public, he is still rather quiet. We have heard "mama", "dada", g's and a gutteral "G" or "K" as well as others. I will call Misty, our cat, "kitty" along with his name and so I'm not sure if he is actual trying out the "ki" part. It is interesting trying to figure out what he is trying to say. Speaking of the cat...the poor cat. Rylen is now taller than Misty and I believe has become quite intimidating. Since playing with the dogs this month, Rylen seems to believe that our 17 year old cat has the same energy and desire to play with him. Rylen walks circles around misty giggling and screaming. Misty doesn't quite seem to think this is so amusing. A couple of times Misty has actually swatted at Rylen after his warning growl didn't stop his circling. I'm sure Misty believes he is being stalked by this "creature". On one occasion, a claw managed to snag Rylen's pants and bring him to the ground. I was expecting a cry from Rylen. Instead, I heard a scream of delight and up he bounced and quickly walked (trying to run) away laughing. I am having to keep a closer eye on the two of them when they are together. Rylen has discovered how to "pet" Misty instead of grabbing his fur, but it tends to be very hard patting. Not quite what Misty has in mind for affection.

Rylen has also managed to get another tooth. So, we are at 7 teeth total. He is still wearing some 9 month clothing, though they fit absolutely perfect with no room for growth. Most of the time he is in 12 month stuff unless the brand swallows him. Rompers are our favorite play clothes, but for his pictures I couldn't help but dress him up a little bit. He looks so cute! Our little man!

As for the rest of the family. We are doing well. Robby has been teaching his cycling classes and continuing to pursue that avenue in his life. He is also looking to start participating in some triathlons again. Losing a few of the lbs that he gained in Hungary has him looking mighty good, all slim and trim and in the low 180's. My weight has balanced itself and I am trying to get a program together so that I can gain some muscle back. I haven't really worked out in almost 2 years! Not typical of me. I still have the same minor issues in my hands and feet, but my nutritional supplements took a major decrease this month. I was testing clear in all areas! I was thrilled! I cannot emphasize enough what a difference this diet and nutrition has made in my overall health. Those that saw me in the beginning and see me now can tell how much better I have gotten. I am feeling better, still no medication, and I have much more energy. I am going to try and eat more raw foods on a regular basis as well.

I had someone tell me that they wish they could do what i was doing. Wish? Why not just DO IT! Sometimes I do get tired of that comment. As if they envy the situation that i am in! I definitely started doing this because it was necessary for my health and I don't think anyone would wish that they had the disease i am dealing with. In the long run this is a healthier way of living for anyone. Robby could stop at anytime, but he doesn't. He feels better too! Yes, at times i wish that i could just drive through a fast food place and just have a big 'ole hamburger with cheese and all the stuff just dripping off it. But I know that is the worst thing that I could put in my body and I also know how I would feel afterwards... just heavy and yucky. Not to mention, I typically desire that because I am being lazy about fixing dinner or lunch. It is convenience, not because that truly tastes any better than what I eat now. If you want something bad enough, you will do it. I don't mean to be blunt, but if you look at me and say I wish I could do that, you simply don't want it bad enough. I wanted it for my son, my husband, my self and most of all, to take care of the body that God so graciously loaned me. Just a thought, though... Jesus had many people he healed "do something" to receive the healing like wash in a certain pool, etc. What if Jesus said eat healthier and you will be healed of your aches and pains, high blood pressure, bad cholesteral, heart disease, MS, arthritis, fatigue, (insert your annoyance here). Would you do it? Would you believe that it would work? Or would you say, "Don't you just have a pill I could pop?" There were different instructions throughout the bible on things to eat and things not to eat. How closely do we follow any of that today? and how far have moved from the natural foods that God provided. Valid or invalid for "Today", there has to be some good truth behind what God instructed so long ago. I believe that is where my miracle has come from. Simply eating how our bodies were designed. I asked for a miracle, and I still do, but maybe my miracle has already come. We are called to be apart from this world. What better way to separate ourselves from this society than by not conforming to their horrible eating habits.

Well, soap box over. I will have an appointment with my Rheumatologist in a month. I'm sure I will post the results of that appointment. It should be interesting.

I hope you all are doing well. We always look forward to visiting and pray it will be soon. Until next month! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Amen to that! I know what you mean, about getting frustrated that people don't want to take care of themselves and want a "magic pill" to wash away their troubles. I am a PA (Physician Assistant) at a heart hospital here in Indy and I preach the same thing over and over every day about "you are what you eat" and "you only have one body...take good care of it". It's not that difficult, but we just live in a 'lazy' society that seeks instant gratification instead of establishing long-term healthful habits. Just 2 weeks ago I had a patient that was 34 years old, his wife is due anyday now with their first child and he had a major heart attack...he also weighed 400 lbs and was a smoker. How sad is that, that their unborn child may not have known its father because of poor choices that his dad had made.
Anyway, soapbox over!! Good luck at your next dr's appt!

Becky Yancey :)

Anonymous said...

I confirm all of your words, Kimberly! As I finished a school this last year of recreation and health care I know that our body needs more attention than we usually pay! I would suggest to everybody to try it JUST for ONE week, and you will see the result pretty soon! One week only and then you still have the chance to decide to continue or not! It can be a lifestyle or maybe you will decide to do it just once in every month or it's up to you. I am sure your body will be appreciated for that!! I already did. I tried and it worked! And not talking about weights!....I lost lbs and gained ENERGY! :D So go ahead and try it. You can eat as much as you want they are all healthy and good for you!