Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time with Friends...

My little sister, Evi, got to spend a week with us before she headed to Arkansas to go to Harding. Well, she isn't exactly my sister through blood, but she is my sister in Christ. Evi is from Hungary and has attended our Hungarian VBS camps for quite a few years. She was even baptised at one of the camps. 2 years ago she came to America for the first time and stayed with me and my roommate, Alexa. I haven't seen her in quite a while because I got married and pregnant and wasn't able to attend the camp for the past two years. She has attended university in Europe for two years, but now she is getting the chance to attend here in the states for 4 years! What an awesome opportunity!

We took Evi to Navasota/College Station to see Robby's Papa and Mom. We made a pitstop at a Farmer's Market on our way. Just another experience for her to tuck away in her memories.

Robby's brother Randy and his son, Tommy were there too. We haven't seen them since our wedding. Rylen enjoyed playing with Tommy. After a while we went outside to play around. Tommy was timing himself touching the trees and then running back to the "start". So, Robby decided it was Rylen's turn.

Our Cat, Misty, was very excited to have some attention while Evi was here and made himself right at home on her bed.

Evi insisted on waking up with Rylen almost every morning and I welcomed the help. She did a fabulous job and Rylen really took to her. She even fed him meals and changed diapers. I basically had a Nanny for FREE!

We took one day to finally introduce Rylen to a pool. It took him a moment to get accustomed to the "big bath tub" but was soon kicking his feet and having a good time in his turtle float. He gave Evi a kiss on her nose. We are going to have to work on that in the future. I don't think girlfriends are going to go for that sort of kiss.

We had a wonderful time with Evi and are looking forward to another visit. We will have to keep pictures of Evi for Rylen to look at so that he remembers her when she comes back.

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