Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time with Family...

Once our week with Evi had ended, we picked my mom up at the airport for a week with Grandmommy and Grandpapa. My mom and I were really at a loss while she was here. We were so used to running around planning a wedding or planning a birth that this week of relaxing had us quite perplexed. We ran some errands and just played with Rylen until my dad came in on Wednesday.

Rylen had an interesting demeaner with Grandpapa. He just laid his head on his shoulder and held on to his shirt. We were starting to think that Grandpapa had something in his cologne. But then, maybe he is just remembering him from a year ago when he first came home from the hospital. Look how he's grown!!

Rylen also has really taken to his puppydog. While Grandmommy was helping clean the house by vacumming, Rylen decided to drag his puppydog around. It cracked me up that he would drag him by his ear.

Once the weekend hit, my brother and his family came in town to visit as well. We took this opportunity to take a cousin picture again. Once again, it turned out pretty good! Brooklynn is such a smiler!

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Nancy Lynn said...

I can't believe how big he is with those pictures side by side!