Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 6

Well, this is Day 6 that we have been evacuated to Austin. Robby was able to return Sunday night to check for damages and to go to work on Monday, but Rylen and I stayed avoiding the chaos due to lack of power, gas and water. Robby found that our house was in great condition and the only thing to report was flooding in the neighborhood. As of today, though, we still have yet to get power back. So, Rylen and I are still in Austin living on the same three days of clothes that we continue to wash. Rylen has had fun with his cousin Brooklynn and I have enjoyed competing with Christopher and Nancy on the Wii. Brooklynn and Rylen were able to have pool time earlier this week and they enjoyed splashing around together as well as having an apple snack with their Sassy feeders.

More Pics

We are definitely missing Daddy and are ready to head back when the electricity comes back on. So far, half of our neighborhood has power, so if they don't forget about us, we should have it soon.

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