Monday, October 6, 2008

15th month

Rylen turned 15 months on October 2, 2008. The pediatrician said that we have officially entered the terrible 2s stage. So, evidently it doesn't start at 2, it actually is supposed to peak at 2 and not get any worse. Interesting. We have had some defiance but nothing that has been out of the ordinary. We will now experience the "checking of boundaries". Rylen has definitely already exhibited this with our coffee table. He likes to figure out how soft or loud I approve certain toys on the coffee table. It is so very interesting how they test you. He looks at me intently as he lightly taps the table to see if I am happy or mad. I do have to keep myself in check to not laugh at his tests.

Anyway, as for stats, Rylen is STILL weighing in at 19.8 lbs. I mean, I even had the appointment today at 2:30p hoping he would break the 20 lb barrier.... NOPE! So, the carseat will remain facing backwards until our little tyke decides to gain some poundage. The strange thing is he eats like a horse! I guess all of his exploring and running around is just keeping him on his 3% curve. As for height, it is also following the 3% curve coming in at 28 inches. But his little brain is jumping up to 5% measuring 45cm or 17.7 inches. So, just growing at the same rate as always. They, of course, ask all the development questions at the ped office and Rylen is exceling physically at a great rate. He is already throwing balls across the backyard, spinning in place, walking backwards, running, climbing, etc. Verbally, though, I was a little concerned because we still aren't getting more than "dada" and then lots of different letter sounds, but no other words that we can make out. I ask the ped about it and he set my mind at ease saying that "signing" is as good as speaking. So, at this point, Rylen signs "Daddy","more","all done", "eat", "milk", "yes", "no", sometimes "mommy" and he just learned "uncle". So, I would say he is doing very well. Rylen is also down to two official naps at 10am and 3pm. He is definitely eating our prepared table foods and is very good at eating all kinds of vegetables, fruits and grains. Robby and I have to eat very well anyway, so Rylen is definitely eating good stuff. I am so happy to see him eating chopped zucchini, beans, rice, pasta, broccoli, green beans, as well as pears, peaches, bananas, kiwi, etc. I know that he is getting a lot of good nutrients. I heard someone say that with kids you should always put the vege on the plate, because you never know when the day will come that they will eat it. So, we have always gave Rylen good foods and so far he continues to eat them. He will even eat lettuce if he see me eating it! There may come a day that he is pickier, but we will always put it on his plate and ours to encourage healthy eating.

Well, as you can see Rylen is doing great. Growing like a 3% weed should and making us laugh everyday. As for Robby and myself, we are doing great too. Tomorrow will be our 2 year anniversary and I still love the man I married more and more each day. My arthritis has remained to give me minor issues in my hands and feet. So, I will continue to work out to try and alleviate these pains. (still medication FREE!) Ike didn't help my workout routine, but hopefully I will resume with progress. Robby is gearing up for the MS150 team and planning to do his one triathlon in two weeks. Rylen and i will head out to cheer him on. I couldn't ask for a more blessed life. God is so good to us.


Mrs TD said...

I totally agree the terrible 2's is a misnomer. I heard from a neighbor that 3 is worse than 2, and as far as Princess TD, that's true. I don't know if boys are different, so we'll see on Little TD. I think it's great that he eats vegetables. My kids ate them until they started table foods, and then stopped. I never stopped giving it to them and one day out of the blue, Princess TD started eating raw broccoli and has progressed from there! So I will pray that Rylen doesn't ever stop eating his veggies, it's always so frustrating to have disagreements over dinner!

DL said...

If you ever want a walking partner for your workout, lemme know! We are big fans of our jogging stroller!
Congratulations on your anniversary!