Sunday, October 12, 2008


Our family is finally starting to have a little wind down time, so I am able to reflect a bit. Bear with me as I explain my thoughts of the last week.

This week had me thinking about "seconds" not as in time, but as in place or how many. I think "Seconds" as opposed to "Firsts" get a bad rap. We want to always be first, which is admirable. But I have recently decided that being second can be just as wonderful. When we experience something for the first time and love it, what do we desire? How about seconds at dinner time? We liked it so much the first time that we have to have more! Well, "Seconds" is what this past week has been about for our family.

This past Tuesday, on October 7th, 2008, Robby and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary at a wonderful little Italian Restaurant in Conroe. My parents watched Rylen as they had the year before on our anniversary and we enjoyed time to reflect on the year with its challenges and accomplishments and how our love and family has grown. The second year of our marriage was even better than our first. In fact, I am looking forward to thirds and fourths with the love of my life!

On a similar note, we have our beautiful "first" child, Rylen. He came in our first year of marriage and so Robby and I experienced a LOT of "firsts" in that year. As all parents know and understand, Rylen has brought out a love in us that we never knew we had. He is such a joy to both of us and are having so much fun with him. So much fun, in fact, that that we have discussed the possibility of "seconds". So, on our 2nd Anniversary, we had a doctors appointment that confirmed this addition of "seconds" to our family! We were able to get some WONDERFUL ultrasound pictures of new baby Robbins since we were further along than I was with Rylen. They did a quick 3D for us to see and it was amazing! I wish I had a picture of that one! We are so excited for our new addition! We are very early at 10 weeks now, so please keep us in your prayers.

So, as if "Firsts" aren't great already, we get the continued joy of having "Seconds"! Aren't "Seconds" just GREAT!

To see picture of our new addition click here!

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