Monday, October 13, 2008


Rylen has now not only signed "Thank you", but he has also said it in his 15 month old way. Rylen is always at our feet in the middle of everything we are doing. I have always had him help me load and unload the dryer with the little towels and his clothes. He loves to help. Then he gets all excited to close the door for me when we are done. Well, Robby was loading the dryer with Rylen's help and when finished Robby said "Thank you" to Rylen. Well Rylen promptly replied with "danku". I was in the other room, but could easily hear the reply. I was in shock and so very excited! Later that day, he said it again in response to Robby's "Thank You". So, we have moved to TWO official recognized words. I'm sure he is doing his best to say others and my ears may just not be tuned in, so I will just have to really keep my ears open for more!