Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flying the Friendly Skies

Well, we are finally in Indiana. We decided to leave Friday evening so that we had ample time to spend with the family and allow Rylen to get used to the time change and the surroundings. Rylen is fascinated with the airplanes that fly over our house on a regular basis, but was quite perplexed by what we referred to as airplanes at the airport because they were on the ground. We went through security quickly and easily, but was quite funny when they asked us to remove Rylen's shoes for security purposes. I thought in the back of my mind that they might ask us to do that, but truly didn't think that his #3s would be an issue. The security man was embarrassed and told us he hated that part of his job, but we would much rather him be overly cautious than not at all. I just laughed and said, "well, he will have to get used to it anyway!"

Rylen is a great flyer and does well with take-offs, landings, reading books, looking at magazines, eating, sleeping, etc. So, we weren't really worried how he would do. He of course, he did well, though he did fight the sleep just a tad and Robby had to stand up and rock him a little. We thought all was well until we started to descend. Rylen was very much asleep and I debated waking him because he has done well in the past without needing to be roused. Well, I didn't and our precious little boy suddenly woke up pulling on his ears and crying. I think his ears popped, but at this point he was just plain mad that his sleep was interrupted and continued to cry. The incident only lasted about ten minutes and most were sympathetic knowing it was his ears, but i guess I will just have to wake him up next time around. The rest of the landing was fine and he perked up after we got off the plane and allowed him to run to the baggage claim.

At baggage claim we found these cute chairs made out of luggage. Well, actually they were made of metal, but they look like old bags. Very cute and we couldn't resist getting a picture of Rylen in it. Rylen was also very happy to see Grandmommy and Grandpapa.

So, overall, a great trip so far!

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