Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting Settled

Rylen is getting used to his surroundings here in Indy and has already checked out the cabinets, which we promptly put rubberbands on, and pointed out everything in the house that we needed to move to higher ground. Mommy and Grandmommy had to run to the grocery store and do a couple of other errands, so Daddy was in charge for a few hours and they had lots of fun playing with toys, cardboard tubes and eating lunch at his kid size table.

Uncle Christopher, Aunt Nancy, and cousin Brooklynn came in today and Rylen was happy to see his cousin. They are pretty close in age, so they are quite fascinated with each other and what they can do.

Brooklynn was inducted into the family with the infamous tub-sink bath before heading off to bed. I even let her play with my My Little Pony Sea Horse. She seemed to like her first bath in the tub-sink as much as Rylen did.

So, the whole family is here now. We will be enjoying a nice long week of Thanksgiving and even a little Christmas!

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