Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sound Asleep

Well, this morning I woke up and realized I had two diapers left for Rylen. That means, once I put on his morning diaper, we had one more to last us until I bought more. So, off to the store we went! We treked to BabiesRUs where I can get the jumbo boxes and I spent more time than I probably needed to. We still needed to head to the grocery store before we headed back home. At this point we were getting beyond Rylen's naptime and, sure enough, just as I pull into HEB, he falls asleep. NOW WHAT? Well, I placed his 'oh so comfy' cartcover on the cart, got him out of his car seat, placed him in the seat and placed his head down on the front. This is how he remained for the whole shopping trip. It was sooo precious! He woke up at the end and we headed home totally rejuvenated!


Mrs TD said...

So precious! I adore sleeping toddlers! I love to watch my kids sleeping, but especially when they were that age-nothing would bother them and they slept in the weirdest positions and places!

thecarrikers said...

Sooo sweet!! I agree with MRS TD I love sleeping babies!!! I know I have told you before but Rylen is a cutie! Love that little man.