Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We are so very blessed. Robby went to the mailbox today with Rylen, as is their usual ritual. Robby usually puts a junk letter in the big box bend so that Rylen can open it and find "his" mail. Then they walk back to the house with Rylen happily carrying his mail. Well, when they arrived at the house, Robby announced that we had TONS of cards for Christmas! We were so blessed with tons of picture cards of our friends and family. It was so wonderful to see all of them and the happy faces. We had so many to put on our "card counter" that they simply did not fit. We lightly decorated the tree this year because of Rylen, Soooo, we decided to put them on the tree as decoration. They are on every side of the tree and are a perfect garland of friendship! So, thank you to everyone! You have decorated our tree with love! We love you all and wish you the Merriest of Christmas' and a Happy New Year filled with Christ and his abundant love and peace.

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