Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boy? or Girl?

Well, I have decided to put a poll on our blog for Baby Robbins. On January 5th, we will hopefully find out if we are adding another little boy or a little girl to the Robbins family. I don't have much of a belly to show like I did before, so there is really not much to go on in that category. As for siblings and the family line, I only have one other sibling, a brother, Christopher, who is older than me. So, my parents had a boy and then a girl. Robby's parents had his brother, Billy, and then Robby. His mom later had his sister, Michelle and then his brother Randy. My brother has a little girl, Brooklynn. Robby's Brother, Billy, has a son, Cullen and just recently a little girl, D'lynn. I could keep giving more scenarios, but really it is just a 50/50 chance that you will be right. So, good luck to you! May the best statistical genius win! HA!

The poll is located to the left under our family picture! Happy Polling!

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