Monday, December 8, 2008

Our First Family Camp Out

There was no fire, no roasted marshmallows with graham crackers, there weren't any sleeping bags or even a tent. Then what kind of a camp out was this, you ask? Well, it is the kind that you have when your son has the stomach flu. Yes, Rylen all of a sudden showed signs of the stomach flu yesterday after church. Everything was dandy until he refused lunch and went down for his nap. Upon waking, it all began. Nothing stayed down and everything from that morning came up. He, of course, wasn't really bothered by it all until he had an episode. Otherwise he wanted to run around and play and never showed any sort of fever. So, we just tried to introduce the fluids and get him to sleep. That was how the camp out came about. At bedtime, we did his normal routine and I put him in bed. An hour later, he woke up and threw up in bed. That was the end of wanting to be in the crib. We thought maybe we could get him back down and just put him in between us in the bed on a towel. Nope. He wanted to bounce on the bed. How about the pack 'n play? Nope. That wasn't in his room where he sleeps. So, Robby resorted to rocking him and holding him propped up on the floor. I gave him a bunch of pillows and a big comforter and then a huge towel just in case Rylen threw up again. We all went to sleep. Around 1:30a Rylen awoke dry heaving after a coughing spell. I ran in the room to see how everything was. Rylen curled up on the floor in a ball and I rubbed his back, he quickly fell back asleep leaning against me. Robby tried to get some sleep near us on the floor. To keep from waking Rylen, I just laid down where I was and fell asleep. Around 4:30a, I woke up to Rylen wide awake and staring at us. We gave him something to drink and then I tried to rock him back to sleep. That took about a half hour and then I placed him back on his towel again and I curled up beside him. Needless to say, we all were hurting this morning and had sleep deprivation. Rylen seems to be doing better, but not taking much to eat or drink now. I am working on getting him to take sips here and there. He is definitely not himself and so we have sat in the rocker and looked at books most of the day. Hopefully this will only be a 24-hour thing like the doctor suggested. I will be happy when our little boy is back to himself. Hopefully our next camp out will be more traditional and a lot more fun than this one!

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