Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Bump... Take 2

Well, I didn't want to neglect the "bump" picture for this baby. So, just like my pregnancy with Rylen, I took a 20-week "bump" picture. I was sure that I would not be as big as I was with Rylen. I felt so much MORE pregnant with him than I do with this baby. In fact, in regards to weight, I am 20lbs lighter at this point than i was with him. Grant it, I started out almost 20 lbs heavier, but that is besides the point. HA! Anyway, some people say that this imagery can help to determine if you are carrying a boy or a girl. So, I am adding another possible clue to the votes. I even tried to wear the same clothes as I did with Rylen. There is only a little over a week left before our ultrasound, so maybe this will help you undecided voters out there. Might I say that I look surprisingly BIGGER than last pregnancy, but it does look like all baby! Crazy!

20-weeks with Rylen


Christopher said...

That's a little more than a bump, wouldn't you say? ;) Just kidding. I think it's the shorter haircut that makes you look bigger... :)

RK&R said...

You know, it only feels like a bump, but after seeing the pictures it looks like a mountain! Funny thing. I am actually smaller in circumference than when I measured with Rylen! Isn't that crazy? It sure doesn't look that way!