Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home and Back Again

Well, we are finally home from the long Thanksgiving vacation to Indiana. I have finally had a moment to sit back and enjoy being back in the house again. Robby and I brought home colds, but luckily Rylen is still in the clear. I will be glad when this sickly season is over. Of course, then it will start over with the new baby. Anyway, here are some last images of our trip home. Rylen had such a wonderful time and so did we.

Rylen presenting Granny Helen with her Christmas Gift, a book that recounts his first year in pictures.

Granpapa receiving his Christmas/Birthday gift of a Wii and Guitar Hero. It was quite a hit while we were there. It came with the guitar, drums and a microphone, so the whole family got involved!

Rylen and Daddy ready for the Aggie game on Thanksgiving. It wasn't as good as last year's game, but it was a tradition to watch.

Rylen enjoying the cold weather in Indy. He just loves being outside. More pictures here!

Grandpapa and Rylen sporting their hats

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