Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've been tagged!

Though I am a busy little bee right now, I am so excited that someone tagged me. I have never been tagged before! Silly, I know. Anyway, here it goes.

"8 Things"

8 shows I watch: usually DVR'd
1. House
2. Jon & Kate Plus 8
3. HGTV - Property Virgins
4. HGTV - Design to Sell
5. Your Baby Can Read (Rylen's Educational Video)
6. HGTV - Design Star
7. HGTV - Over your Head
8. HGTV - Anything that is on

8 Favorite Restaurants (Wherever I can eat Vegan!)
1. Jason's Deli
2. Subway
3. Cafe Express
4. Double Daves (Vege Pizza & Salad)
5. Pei Wei
6. Chipotle
7. Quiznos
8. HOME!

8 Things that Happened to me today: (Ok, this is early! 9:00a)
1. Woke up
2. Got Dressed
3. Ate Breakfast
4. Changed Rylen's Diaper
5. Made Rylen's Oatmeal and fed him
6. Changed Rylen into his day clothes
7. Checked the blog
8. Writing a blog

8 Things I Look Forward to:
1. Rylen's excitement for Christmas gifts
2. Rylen's hugs in the morning and giggles throughout the day
3. Robby's evenings and weekends home
4. Finding out our Baby's sex!
5. Relaxing with Robby in the evening
6. Rylen actually eating his lunch or dinner :)
7. Our Hawaii trip in February!
8. The birth of our new baby!

8 Things I Wish:
1. There was more time in the day
2. We were completely debt free (we are so very close!)
3. Rylen would say a couple of words...anything will do :)
4. I lived closer to my family.
5. My best friend Kelly lived closer.
6. Rylen will grow up with love for God and be His faithful servant.
7. We will have a healthy baby come May.
8. My arthritis would never return.

8 People I Tag: Is there anyone left!
1. Clarks
2. Lahmeyers
3. Heather Edmonds
4. Lori Herring
5. Jessica Rhoades
6. Leslie Hollenberg
7. If you read my blog and have one let me know and your tagged!
8. If you read my blog and have one let me know and your tagged!

Have FUN!

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