Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tagged AGAIN!

Our Tree and Stockings (we have no mantle)

Ok, I almost missed this tag. Our holiday decor. I know it is technically the front door, but I am going to adjust a little. I want to post the wonderful job Robby did outside on the lights, but it has been raining and so that picture will have to wait. On the other hand, I can post our inside decor. It is light this year because of Rylen, but appropriate.

A little history of our stockings. My stocking is my childhood stocking. My mom made them oh so long ago and they were all red with the white trim. They are made out of yarn and bath towels. Well, when Robby entered the family and Rylen was on his way, my mom wanted to make stockings for everyone. To match my red stocking would have been VERY difficult, so the "spouses", which includes Nancy, received a white stocking with red trim and the babies received a white stocking with green trim. They are so very unique and quite big and sturdy for all the goodies that will go inside. Thank you Grandmommy for the stockings! Also, Rylen's Little Tyke Nativiti sports the bottom of the tree. A tornado seems to hit Jerusalem every morning and I have to locate everything come bedtime. Must be some bad weather this time of year.

I tag: Nancy & Christopher

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Nancy Lynn said...

funny we seem to have that same tornado go through...maybe its the global warming lol