Thursday, December 11, 2008

Three Strikes and We're Out!

Strike #3 came last night with Robby. That nasty stomach flu got us all! Rylen is finally back to eating normal with milk again and I am starting to add a little more content to my diet. Robby is restricted to jello, crackers and watered down gatorade. Yummy! Tomorrow, we may let him have some applesauce too. HA! Well, at least we have all survived a very nasty flu bug in our house. And nothing that any vaccine could have prevented. I am still saying my prayers for this holiday season on through February. I know many moms think I am drama sometimes, but when you've had a son in the ER twice before he was 6 months old for just some 'ole virus, it makes you a tad paranoid for the next sniffle or cough. As he has gotten older it has gotten a bit easier to manage him and my mommy senses have kicked in, but it will be nice when he can finally tell me what hurts or even just blow his nose! That first year is just so fragile. Not to mention the first few months. Well, we thank God for healing and pray that Robby will recoup with flying colors. We have decided this is going to be our only hit of the season. Hear that?? We're done. Thanks for playing!

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