Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 is here!

Another year has come and gone. Robby has this tradition that what ever he does on New Year's Day is what he will be doing for the rest of the year. I have chosen to take that in a positive light today and say that we will be counting MANY BLESSINGS this year!

Now to explain. Robby and I made an emergency trip to Labor and Delivery today for fear that something was wrong with the baby and that we might possible be losing him/her. This scary episode sent us scurrying for someone to watch Rylen (he was napping) so that we could go up to the hospital and make sure there was nothing wrong. (Thank you Jennifer for coming down to watch him!) I won't go into the details of what happened, but everything did turn out to be fine. We had an ultrasound checking all of the baby's vitals and then they checked me. Though this is obviously not where we planned to be New Year's Day, we are glad that everything turned out ok.

As for the ultrasound, we decided to still wait until Monday to find out what we are having, as the health of the baby was much more important to us than finding out. So, there are still three days to vote! Happy New Year to everyone and may this year be filled with wonderful blessings like we had today!


Mrs TD said...

How scary that must have been for you all. Praise God that everything turned out to be fine. You will have a blessed year!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything stays okay. The rest of the year will not be like that, what does Robby know anyway? Just kidding! At some point this year you will be going into labor and will have to get someone to watch Rylen and so forth... Take care of you and that new baby.

steve said...

hurry up and post it!!!

some people know before others...


Yes, I am crying and whining