Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, I haven't really blogged in a while. Robby always laughs and says that I have become a professional blogger. Well, if that is the case, with these past couple of weeks, I should have been canned for slacking! Actually, it has been a crazy few weeks. As previously mentioned, Rylen has been waking up at 3:00am and not going back to sleep until 5:00am. He has begun to sleep better this past week and at least is allowing Robby to do the rocking and consoling. With this new challenge, getting up at 6:15 to receive Samantha has definitely left me sleeping until the little tikes wake up in the morning. That gives me a couple more hours of rest. Lets add into the mix the fact that I am not just a stay at home mom, but a WORKING mom at home. So, I am trying to get work done in the midst of their naps. Oh yah, and laundry, cleaning, fixing lunches and dinner. And within all of that, I am supposed to remember that I am prego! In the midst of MY schedule, Robby works a couple evenings of the week and is training for the MS150 until April. Our lives will seem like they have stood still once April hits. The majority of this will cease when mid April arrives. The key that I have found to all of this is ORGANIZATION and EARLY TO BED! Organizing my day a bit makes me feel less swamped. I know that there is a certain time of day that I am doing house work, therefore I do not feel rushed that something else is not being accomplished at that moment. And likewise for everything else that exists in my schedule. This also allows for playtime with the kids. I don't feel like I am neglecting them when I make sure I have scheduled specific time with them. This is truly a test for when the baby arrives.

Well, Robby saw the initial strain on me as I began the adjustment. Our tuesdays are always long as Robby doesn't get home until after Rylen is in bed and I am on my way to bed (9:30p). So, needless to say the first week of all of this I was plain exhausted. Robby coaxed me to come downstairs for 5 minutes to "talk". What wife would refuse THAT request! So, I slid out of bed to chat with my hubby. Sitting on the counter were beautiful white roses! What a sweetheart. This is actually the first time I have received roses. I have this thing about clich├ęs and occasions... meaning I hate it. Red Roses on valentine's day...YAWN! That may sound mean, but honestly I just want some thought and would rather get them just because than on a specific occasion. Anyway, they were such a sweet thought. He knew my day was long and packed and wanted to let me know he understood. He has also checked on me almost every day since to see how the day is going either by phone call or just a text saying "luv u". He is truly a wonderful husband.
Rylen has also taken to Samantha quite well. I know that there will still be some misunderstanding on his part because I can't always do what he is asking me to do at that moment like he used to. Hopefully this will get better and will actually help alleviate the same issues when our son is born.
We were able to take a walk together earlier this week with the wonderful $5 double-stroller that Robby's mom found us at a garage sale! What a GREAT FIND! It is perfect for neighborhood strolls. I must say, though, those strollers are heavy! Add a 21 pound 18-month old with a 12 pound 3-month old and then for extra measure a nice breezy day that gets caught in the canopy. I was huffing and puffing around the neighborhood. It was definitely good exercise!
Well, this week is coming to a close and I am ready for a weekend, though this weekend is packed getting ready for our vacation next week. Our family will head to the big island of Hawaii for a 10-day getaway. Our last hoorah before the new baby arrives. I simply can't wait. It will be a nice break from everything.

Hopefully, I will have a chance to blog again before we leave. I just ask for prayers for a sleeping toddler. I know he can do it. He did it for 18-months!

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Steve said...

I agree with Robby! you are a professional blogger, and you seem to get better and better.

There used to be more videos in the past, but the blog is always interesting. It would be nice if my boss didn't block this very dangerous site!