Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Iron Levels

I finally got these results and they are not really bad at all. I honestly figured that they couldn't be too off. I had no apparent symptoms of anemia. So, getting back on track with my eating this week and putting my blood builder supplements back in will EASILY fix the slightly low iron count I had. She told me they wouldn't test again until I delivered since the levels were not that low.

My count: 10.9 (want between 11.5 - 15)

So, I must say that this diet has still been VERY good for my body. It is funny that when i slacked is when I got off base. I discovered in my research that raisins are a huge source of iron and I was eating oatmeal with raisins every morning until we vacationed. So, for parents out there that are concerned for their kids iron? Try raisins. A very small amount of them goes a LONG WAY! Especially if you can't get broccoli or spinach in them very easily.

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