Tuesday, February 24, 2009


All my tests are just fine! Rylen and I got up bright and early to head to the Woodlands for my 8:30am Rhogam shot appointment. I still had not heard about my results for the diabetes, but still needed to get the shot. Once I received the shot, I asked about my results and the nurse casually said, "Oh I believe they were fine." Isn't it funny how quickly they will tell you something is wrong, but SLOWLY tell you that everything came out fine.

Well, I was proactive this time and looked up my numbers from my pregnancy with Rylen to compare. I should have done this for the earlier test because ALL my numbers were better this time around. I might have had less anxiety about it had I done the little research initially.

My initial glucose reading: 146mg - cut off is 139 (with Rylen 188mg)

After Fasting: 76mg
after hour 1: 164mg - want between 65-199 (with Rylen 172mg)
after hour 2: 133mg - want between 65-139 (with Rylen 146mg)
after hour 3: 109mg - want between 65-109 (with Rylen 107mg)

So, everything is great! That is such a relief. I watch what I eat enough to not be restricted even more! Now I am waiting on the numbers for my iron count as the nurse indicated that I was also "anemic". But again, what are the numbers and that could account for the slack in my diet over the vacation again. I'm not sure how easily those numbers fluctuate. We shall see!

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