Monday, February 23, 2009

No News & Good News

No news on my tests done Friday. So, I will just continue to wait. I have felt much better the past couple of days now that I am back to eating the way we are used to. I don't know if all the testing had my body crazy or the results of the sugar induced vacation, but I was feeling a little out of sorts and tired. That seems to be in the past now.

Rylen had his follow-up appointment today at 8:30 for his double ear infections and he passed with flying colors. That one remaining eye-tooth is also almost finished and then we should actually be in the clear for ear infections (according to the ped) We have only had the one issue with them, so I feel blessed that Rylen has done so marvelously.

I tried to call and get my Rhogam shot today after his appointment, but it didn't work out. So, I will be toting ourselves up to the Woodlands tomorrow for ANOTHER appointment. That will be four appointments in the past 7 days. Not to mention my next regular 2 week appointment coming up next week! Crazy. I believe God gave our family the insight before our vacation that these appointments would probably start getting crazy, starting with Rylen's ear infections. So, Robby and I decided with a heavy heart that it wasn't fair to the Siefers for us to continue to watch their daughter. I would just be causing them to take all these extra days off for MY pregnancy and/or for MY son. Not to mention if Samantha ever got sick. That insight was right on target as all these appointments have practically taken over my days the past week. We definitely enjoyed having her here and hopefully Rylen can still have some playdates with her again in the future.

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