Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Definitely not the plan...

Happy Belated Easter!

We have finally begun to recover from the sickness that hit our house Saturday evening. Rylen began to have a fever of 102.2 late Saturday night and that is when I realized that the Easter festivities would be put aside this year. I guess that allowed us to focus on the true meaning of Easter aside from the big bunny who brings candy, gifts, and lays eggs all over the place. HA! We didn't dress in our Sunday best and have an annual picture taken. No, we stayed at home and nursed an ailing child, grateful for our family and the blessings that God has daily given us. As each fever rose higher and each dose of tylenol was given, we were reminded to cherish each moment we had together. Sunday evening, my mom flew in to spend 4 days with us. The initial plan was to run needed errands and then give me a bit of a break before the new baby decided to arrive. These plans were also set aside for a couple of days as doctor visits took priority. We fought the spiking fevers for 2 days with them maxing at 103.1 (underarm temps) and finally got him to a doctor to find out it was all "just" viral. Glad that it wasn't anything worse, we were to just take care of the fevers until it had run its course which was supposed to be 4-5 days. This diagnosis was not what I had planned for this week. We had a little boy that didn't feel well, wasn't sleeping well, and was very clingy to Mommy. Not much of a break. But having my mom here was the emotional support that would help me through those days until Rylen began to feel better. Today was definitely that day. God blessed us with healing earlier than we had anticipated. The fevers diminished and finally subsided by Tuesday afternoon and we had a child that slept through the night until 7:00a this morning. Today my mom and I tried to do as many things as possible to make up for the lost time and we did pretty good, though I do wish we had more "normal" time together. But will there ever really be enough time to do all the things you'd like to do? Probably not.

So, in conclusion, sorry there are no fancy "Easter" pictures to post. Rylen's bunny photos will have to do. But, Rylen did get a basket with goodies and a visit from Grandmommy who brought my childhood letter blocks, books, and a toy cookie jar with shapes for him to play with. So, I think it all turned out pretty well. Our best laid plans are so many times reshaped and redefined. But in the end, we discover what was really important.

P.S. I just love Rylen's Bedhead from being under the weather. It is just screaming for a haircut! It cracks me up!

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