Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today I couldn't even remember how old I was. It seems silly, but I actually had to ask Robby how old he was and figure out how old I was. I guess after kids come around, our brain just puts aside such information for more important things. It IS hard to believe that I am 32, though. wow.

Well, with my mom in town to be our official babysitter, this was the perfect opportunity for Robby and I to head out for an evening together. I was able to get all dressed up (a rare occurrence) and then Robby took me to Amerigos in the Woodlands. A very nice restaurant with very good food. It was Italian, so we were able to find some great food close to our diet on the menu. We both splurged and had fish knowing that my pregnancy allows us to be a little more flexible. This place is definitely worth recommending. The food was amazing! We even splurged and had a dessert at the end that was obviously very good to the palette, but not very good for my hands. Even being pregnant, I had a very swollen finger joint not soon after we returned home. It was a wonderful and relaxing evening not worrying about having to keep Rylen occupied during dinner and tag teaming to feed him and stuff our own faces. It was also nice knowing that he was feeling so much better and I wasn't worrying about him spiking fevers while we were gone. At the end of the meal, Robby presented me with a very thoughtful card and a book that I have been wanting to read. I will definitely have to post the book once I read it and decide to recommend. Altogether, it was a wonderful evening.

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