Friday, April 17, 2009

MS150 hiccups

The MS150 Day 1 has been canceled. Though I am relieved that Robby is not riding in the weather that was predicted for tomorrow, this hiccup is making for more planning. I also am saddened for those that trained so hard and are not able to make the full trip from Houston to Austin. Thankfully they are allowing the second day to go on as planned and the team will still be able to enjoy some of the ride and the exciting finish in Austin. It is definitely encouraging how many of our team is still willing to make the rest of the trek. We still have about 90% participation! Though the weather seems to be nice for Day 2, I still ask for prayers for those that are going to continue the ride to Austin. I pray that the roads will be nice for them to ride on and that everyone will arrive safely. It will definitely be a different ride this year!

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