Sunday, April 26, 2009

Diaper Blessings

Saturday was our celebration of Baby Robbins #2. Stephanie Edmonds was so gracious in taking up the task of getting everything together, Debbie McAngus was so wonderful in opening her home once again to our family to host the event and a marvelous slew of Hostesses (Jennifer, Erin, Laurie, & Leslie) took care of additional details and tasks.

Our family was abundantly blessed with so many diapers, wipes, and other goodies that it was once again overwhelming what a wonderful christian family we are surrounded with. I laugh that only parents of children can understand the true joy and excitement of receiving diapers at a shower.

Especially after you have already had one child and know how many of those crazy things you go through day after day. I must say that a diaper shower is absolutely the cutest thing ever! Stephanie made a wonderful diaper cake and Amy McAngus made the cutest diaper wreath hanging on the door. I had a wonderful time celebrating this new little boy that we will be blessed with very soon. Thank you all again for bringing such love to our family.

I will post pictures of the shower soon!

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