Sunday, April 26, 2009

Worth the time...

All three of our toilets decided to go berserk all at the same time. The master bath decided to constantly run and then make crazy screeching noises in the middle of the night, our downstairs bathroom decided to also make screeching noises which scared us many times thinking it was Rylen with a leg stuck in his crib or something crazy, and finally "Rylen's" bathroom decided it needed the strongest man in the world to try and flush it. Needless to say, Rylen's bathroom has been off limits for a while now. We kept putting off the repairs because it was just one more thing to do during our busy schedule.

With the MS150 finally finished, we decided to have someone come out and look at all three to make sure we knew what the problem was before we spent precious time and money to fix it. The estimate? Over $700! Um, no thank you! We decided it was going to take a lot of wasted water running toilets to accumulate that much and with a baby coming in 2 weeks, well, we would just wait. We were trying to avoid Robby having the task of fixing them and taking a lot longer than someone who did this regularly, but it looked as if Robby may just have to take it on. Our estimate had included a rebuild of all three because the toilets that were put in this townhome were on the cheaper side. Not surprised! But, he did let on that the seals were probably eroded and that we may need to replace the whole piece. So, we checked at ACE Hardware and found the part that needed replacing for 65% off! They were closing this store, so we got the part for only about $3! Unfortunately they had only one. Our next stop was Home Depot where Robby decided to try and replace just the seal (for $2 each) and then if that didn't work to buy the full piece for the remaining two toilets for $7 each. Worst case scenario, he couldn't fix them and we spent $17.

Today was the moment of truth. In about 15 minutes, Robby replaced all three seals with all three working like true champs.

So, The verdict to our project? Let's see...

Total Time Spent? 15 minutes
Total Money Spent? $7 plus tax

Sometimes saving time is worth more than the money saved, but this time around the time was well worth the savings in the money... thanks to my handy dandy hubby!

Isn't he great!

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