Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AC troubles... again

So, we had a few AC troubles this weekend. Seems that every time we have a baby, that we need to get the AC fixed. Not a fun trend to be setting. When Rylen was about 6 weeks old, our AC went out and we had to have it fixed. Well, 6 weeks roll around for Jace and once again, less than 2 years later, we have to fix the AC. I am thinking we either need to stop having kids or start saving for when the next one comes around. Anyway, we camped out downstairs the whole day as the house heated up to 86 degrees just waiting for the guys to finish their work. I thought at one point that I would take Rylen upstairs to his bed for his nap since there is a fan that runs in his room. Well, that didn't fly. His room was so stuffy and hot! So, he ended up on a blanket on the floor. He didn't get the best nap that day, but we stayed cool. Thank goodness for AC in Texas!

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