Monday, June 29, 2009

Catching Up...

Happy Father's Day!

...and Happy Husband's Day! I feel like this day is a celebration of Robby as a wonderful father and a wonderful husband. By being a wonderful father to Rylen and now Jace, Robby has given me many breaks, naps, and time to work. He has taken Rylen to run errands with him, leaving me to take a nap, get some work done or just spend time with Jace. He has also fed Jace bottles and rocked him to sleep to allow me to spend time with Rylen, or step away from the kids for a moment. Robby has taken on the evenings with Rylen for Daddy time. They play outside, wrestle inside, read books, and do Rylen's bedtime routine (bath, dressed, and bed). Robby is a wonderful father to Rylen and highly deserves the "dada" that he receives. We didn't really DO a whole lot for Father's Day, but the sentiment was there. Robby got a baseball card from Rylen and Jace and a card from me. His gift from the boys came a few days late, but it was something he could use day in and day out reminding him of all the wonderful memories he has with them so far. Due to Robby's love of coffee, the boys gave him a mug with 15 pictures placed on it showing things they've done together. Happy Father's Day Robby! Your boys and I love you very much!

I Wanna Be Like You!

Robby has his work cut out for him. As you can see, Rylen is all about being like Daddy. This is just one example of his actions mimicking Daddy's. Though Rylen wanted to be like Daddy, he was a little perplexed as to what he was supposed to do with the hose. I tried to show him how to spray the grass, but he insisted on holding it up in the air. So we just placed him, like a fountain, in the spots that needed water and periodically moved him.

First Recorded Smiles

We have had smiles here and there. Mostly when he is falling asleep, but the past couple of days Jace has decided to coo, talk, and smile at us numerous times during the day. It usually takes a good feeding to have him ready to express himself, but his personality simply melts your heart.

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