Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday - from Mommy and Daddy

Rylen's gift from us came a little late in the mail, but at this age, something new is exciting no matter when it comes. We debated on a tricycle or this outside water table. Because of Rylen's size, we decided the tricycle should come at Christmas. So, the water table it was. It has a windmill that spins when water is poured in the cup at the top, so that was right up Rylen's alley considering all the pouring and dumping he does while he is in the tub for his bath.

When I pulled the table out of the box, this is the first thing he did... sit in it. I debated if I should put the legs on it because he fit in it so perfectly. Well, I did put the legs on it and Rylen has a blast with it in the back yard. In this Houston heat, it was the perfect gift! Happy Birthday!

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