Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oops! I waited too long.

I was on the phone with Memorial Hermann and then my insurance company trying to figure out all the bills that we received for Jace's birth. It is amazing how much a completely natural birth can cost you! ...and for as little as the hospital staff did, I could have just had him at home and been just fine. But, that's another topic of debate for another time. The point is that these discussions take time to figure out what is covered by insurance and how much we should pay and why we receive 5 different bills from different people. I wanted to make sure that everything was valid. Anyway, Rylen was walking around with his blanket and I noticed he was acting a bit tired, but he woke up so late that morning that I figured he wouldn't need his nap until around 1:00p and it was only noon. I still needed to make his lunch. As I got off the phone with the insurance, I headed downstairs to make Rylen's lunch and found him at the bottom of the stairs. No, he had not fallen down the stairs. I had classical music on our TV and he must have just laid still a little too long. He was fast asleep! So, I took the picture, (priorities!) and then carried my sweet boy to his bed. He got lunch at 2:30p when he woke up. I guess I just waited a bit too long for my growing boy.

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