Sunday, August 30, 2009


Rylen should have been born a fish. If there is water anywhere in the vicinity, he is there. There isn't a time of day that we don't have him tugging on our legs asking to play with the hose, see the bubbles in the washer, play with his pool table in the yard, take a bath/shower or see the bubbles while I'm washing dishes. So, I took this day to allow him to learn a very valuable chore in his future... washing dishes. I felt the tug at my leg and the word "bubbles!" shortly afterward. I told Rylen to get his chair and proceeded to allow him to stand with me and hand me dishes to be washed and place them in the "bubbles!". He really enjoyed helping and I had to gently prepare him for when the dishes were gone. Hopefully, he will remember this love of water when it is his turn to wash dishes one day.

This was also a night that I was able to reflect a bit about my arthritis. Before I was pregnant with Jace and was still dealing with a lot of my arthritis challenges, washing dishes was not easy. It hurt my hands to hold the pans or to scrub them. I remember feeling like such a failure as a wife and mother that I literally could not do this simple household duty without cringing. I would just hope that Robby would decide to take it on in the evening so that I didn't have to suffer through it. I can't say that I am pain-free in this area yet, but I easily jump in to take care of this task without hesitation these days. Such a simple chore, but when you aren't able to do it, you appreciate these simple things more. Just another moment of praise to God for giving me this path of healing.

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Nancy Lynn said...

Brooklynn loves to stand next to me on her learning tower and I give her a dish full of bubbles. She puts handfulls on the counter and smacks them..followed by giggles of course. Those to need to get together again soon :) Glad to hear you are continuing to heal.