Saturday, August 29, 2009

A-A-Adam, can you believe?

Rylen learned the letter "A" in his first school week!

We have finished week 1 of school and it has been quite a success! Rylen has enjoyed most of the activities. There were some that he really didn't have much interest in and so we moved on from those. We will get those the next time around. Overall, he has had a great time learning the letter "A". Here are some pics from the week.

Rylen showing off his bible for school

Getting ready to I mean, stay for school!

Reading over the first days pages on creation. He was not happy that we only read over one page on the first day, so we had to read a few pages to satisfy him.

Jumping over the "snake" that deceived Adam and Eve

We cut out a tree with scissors and pasted it on our #1 page to make a counting book.
Rylen knows how to make the number one with his hands.

Gluing noodles on the letter A and learning the "a" sound.

Painting over white crayon to show that God made something from nothing.
He was having so much fun that I didn't have the heart to stop him.
Of course the paper didn't last as long as his will to create.

This isn't part of the curriculum, but mommy needed to do some work so we had "computer lab"

Finally, Rylen's succesful "A" Week.

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Nancy Lynn said...

B keeps asking for more-she'll be learning her letters on your blog!