Friday, August 28, 2009

Rolling Over

I have been meaning to post Jace's rolling accomplishment, but have been caught up in feedings, naps, and school this week. Whew! Well, It hasn't taken Jace long at all to perfect the rolling from back to belly. I hardly have him on his back before he is already looked at the world right side up and then, of course, fussy that he wants to be somewhere else than where he is at. At first I thought he was fussy because he was on his belly, but the minute I would turn him back over, within seconds he was on his belly again. Crazy boy! Rylen accomplished the belly to back first being a belly sleeper and the back to belly second. So, it was interesting to have Jace flip back to belly first. It won't be long before he is rolling around the room to get where he wants to be. He already turns himself around in his crib. I know I laid him 180 the other way when he went to sleep!

Below is a clip of his rolling. He has it down to a science!

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