Monday, August 24, 2009

School Starts today!

Even in the Robbins household, "school" is starting. Yes, I have decided to start Rylen with some preschool curriculum and we just received all of our materials yesterday, just in time for the "school year"! I received my lesson book, a small bible for Rylen and an ABC devotional book. Rylen gets a special bible to use with the lessons since all of the curriculum is bible based. That is what really sold me on this program. The lessons will include:
  • letter recognition
  • letter formation
  • letter sounds and motions
  • early math skills
  • Bible activities
  • devotional topics
  • art projects
  • dramatic plays
  • active exploration
  • finger plays
  • music
WHEW! We are taking it slow since the program can be used for kids ages 2-5. I figured we could go through the lessons and have fun with it and then start over again next year, expanding on the lessons again. The activities grow as he grows, so Jace will be able to jump in when he is 2 years old and Rylen moves on to his bigger kid bible at age 4. They can then BOTH go through the program and each will do their own age appropriate activities. So, off to school we go! No bus to catch and the only uniforms in this school house are our pjs!

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Mrs TD said...

You will love this program, and you will be amazed at how much Rylen retains! Little TD is using the bigger kid version this year, with a few extras. Princess TD is using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory. I love, love, love Heart of Dakota!!!