Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Heavenly Father...

Ever since Rylen was a baby in his highchair, Robby and I have taken his hands and prayed before each meal. No matter where we were, we always did this. We would nod our heads while saying "Amen" and this was one of the first "signs" that Rylen learned. They would say "Amen" at church and he would nod his head. In the past couple of weeks, Rylen has decided that praying is not just for the dinner table. He has come up to us on numerous occasions and taken our hand and then bowed his head to pray. It is hard for us not to giggle, but we immediately follow his lead and pray for whatever is on our hearts at that moment. Before my mom left, Rylen wanted to pray and my mom asked if we should pray for Grandpapa who was on his way to a meeting in Las Vegas. Rylen nodded, ran over to Grandmommy, took her hand, and bowed his head. I must say that this "obsession" of his is one that I am awfully proud of. I think God gets a kick out of it too. Oh to be like a child.

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