Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Gift

While Grandmommy was in town, Robby and I had a second opportunity to hang out together without the kids. I took this chance to give Robby an early anniversary gift. Robby had stretched the budget to give me my Christmas present early, A Nikon D80 camera. This is something I have been wanting for two years and I have been using it every chance I can. I had been doing some saving here and there myself and decided it was time to give him something that he has been wanting too. It was the absolute least I could do for being such a loving and understanding husband. I couldn't afford the Triathlon bike, but I was able to get him the new saddle he wanted. With only a few races in the season for him to use it, I figured it was best not to wait until October. He has already used it a few times and is lovin' it. This coming weekend will be his first race with it.

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